Hello! My name is Elizabeth Kerry.

Liza Dear Liza is about country life, artful living and a vase full of flowers…

I have loved ART all my life and as a child I doodled with pens, paper, glue and scissors at the kitchen table until Mum told me it was time to “clear the table for dinner”.

On some of those rainy childhood days, I would whinge to Mum that “I have nothing to do”.  So Mum would have a laugh and start to sing the “Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza” song to me until we both roared with laughter!

That is where “Liza Dear Liza” started!

I love all things creative – painting on canvas, computer graphics and designs, ink drawing, Illustrator and Photoshop drawings, photography and all things BEAUTIFUL! I enjoy design, typography, creating new ideas, communicating and making beautiful and visually exciting projects – I call it my vase full of flowers!

I realised I enjoyed the design aspect of everything but I also enjoyed jotting a few thoughts and them tizzing it all up with a touch of art.

After a life of social welfare work, and after I was crashed and smashed in a motor vehicle accident in 1999, I re-trained as a Graphic Designer. I now work from my studio in the gorgeous mountains of Ben Lomond, in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia.


Liza xox

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