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GRAPHIC DESIGNER - NEW ENGLAND NSW AUSTRALIA Hello, my name is Elizabeth Kerry and my website is about country life, artful living and a vase full of flowers. I am a Graphic Designer, Artist and Writer living in the Mountains of the Great Dividing Range in NSW.


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My Rustic Garden


Our Tree Change

My husband and I moved to the country to experience a sustainable ‘tree change’ life style.  […]

Retro Blogging

I have been part of the computer scene since 1990 – I even have a ‘Word […]

How to get rid of nasty spiders that intend to kill you!

I am generally an insect and bug whisperer … but when it comes to the Sydney, […]

Someone I Love

Dedicated to my Nephew I truly love my Teddy Bear And he isn’t furry or fake […]

The Story of the Inn

I have been writing poetry and short stories since 1974. I recently found my childhood book […]

The Reading Tree

I like this illustration. I did it about 20 years ago  and I updated it with […]

Sing Loud so they will hear us …

Dedicated to Andrew Chan and Muyuran Sukumaran and their families. Everyone deserves a second chance … […]

Photo101 – The Wedding

I did some ‘Gallery” photographic work several months ago on a range of topics. For my […]

Photo101 – Solititude

I love the water and especially the beach – it has a calming effect on my […]

Photo101 – Bliss

BLISS is having time to read a novel that can transport me in time to another […]

Photo101 – Water

This is my waterfall photograph. It is located on the Dorrigo Mountains in New South Wales. […]

Photo101 – Sheep-scape

I live in the mountains of Northern NSW which is  “A very cool place to live”. […]

So you think you love me

This prose was written in 1984 by E. Kerry It has been updated with artwork 2015. […]

Gold Possessions

Under (the) Cover Lovers ♥ “I read my Bible everyday” she said so fervently I could […]

Exactly How It Is

In 1983 I was invited to go to Noosa with a ‘group’ of new acquaintances for […]